CALDER Jewelry

If you love jewelry and you are in the New York City neighborhood, you have got to see the current exhibit at the Met (Metropolitan Museum): Calder Jewelry.

Wow it is truly a great exhibit…I saw it last week and read the entire book 280+ pages with great photography.

Alexander Calder is a giant in the art field for having discovered a new dimension in art: mobiles. What most people do not know is that he made jewelry throughout his life, 22 July 1898 – 11 November 1976. It was not commercial but rather intended for friends and family. It’s mostly brass, steel, and silver. Very clever pounded wire techniques. A ‘must see’ for anyone who makes jewelry themselves.

Some of my favorites:

the engagement ring for his future wife discussed in this NY Times article .

a super modern necklace that he made in 1943!

and the mobile ear rings! Imagine wearing those.


take care, David

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