40 Beaches of East Hampton


I was sitting at the kitchen table with my wife not too long ago, wondering how it was possible that I have lived here on the East End of Long Island, NY, for over 30 years and have not yet visited all the beaches of East Hampton Township (which includes the villages of East Hampton proper, Montauk, Amagansett, Springs, Wainscott and part of Sag Harbor).  So we made a vow to walk all 40 beaches of this town and record our observations on this blog!    We thought it might be useful as there are no in-depth beach guides for this area (either on the web or in print) and, in the summer at least, this town is a major destination for beach visitors.

I have organized the 40 beaches in to 7 areas and will post each area separately to avoid an overly lengthy post.   Each beach will be described separately with an emphasis on

  • How to get there and where to park
  • What to find there (sand, rocks, shells, boulders, impassable obstructions,…)
  • What we do with the stuff we find on the beaches (make jewelry of course)
  • What you can do there (bathe, walk, collect shells, fish, dive, etc)
  • Some interesting lore, tales or history
  • I promise that I will have personally walked every beach and shoreline of this town by the end of this!

Two beaches are strictly speaking in Southampton town, but we like to walk them anyway! (they are #1 and #40)

My “assistants” in this project need to be acknowledged.  They are Kenda (our 2-year-old German Shepherd) who usually has a piece of drift wood in her mouth, and Maria, my wife, who likes to exercise, live healthy and do yoga:

My Assistants

I Sag Harbor and Northwest

1) Foster Memorial Beach

2) Haven’s Beach

3) Barcelona Neck

4) Northwest Landing Beach

5) Mile Hill Road Beach

6) Cedar Point Park

II Three Mile Harbor and Springs

7) Sammy’s Beach

8 ) Maidstone Park Beach

9) Lion Head Beach

10) Kings Point Beach

11) Gerard Drive

12) Louse Point Beach

III Amagansett, Napeague and Hither Hills Bay Beaches

13) Barnes Landing Beach

14) Albert’s Landing Beach

15) Abraham’s Landing Beach

16) Promised Land and Lazy Point

17) Napeague Harbor

18) Hither Hills Bay Beaches

IV Montauk Bay Beaches

19) Navy Road Beaches

20) Culloden Point

21) Gin Beach

22) Oyster Pond and Shagwong Point

23) North Road beaches

V Montauk Ocean Beaches

24) Camp Hero

25) Amsterdam Beach

26) Ditch Plains Beach

27) Montauk Beach

28) Montauk to Gurney’s Inn

29) Hither Hills Campgrounds Beaches

VI Napeague, Amagansett Ocean Beaches

30) Napeague stretch beaches

31) Beach Hampton

32) Atlantic Beach

33) Indian Wells beach

VII East Hampton and Wainscott Ocean Beaches

34) Two Mile Hollow Beach

35) Wiborg Beach

36) Main Beach East

37) Main Beach West

38) Georgica Beach

39) Wainscott Beach

40) Sagg Main Town Beach

Map indicating location of all 40 beaches

17 responses to “40 Beaches of East Hampton

  1. You people are the best!

  2. What a wonderful idea! Very helpful, and very inspiring. You don’t just have a blog, you have the beginnings of a book!

    Best regards,

    Haya L. Molnar

  3. David and Maria-

    What a great idea!

    John Whelan

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  5. Dear Mr. Posnett:

    I stumbled across your blog a couple of weeks ago when I was looking to make a beach combing trip to Montauk. I used it as a guide and made it to Cedar Point and Gerard Point where I picked up some driftwood and lots of rocks. Thank you, thank you for posting your guide to East Hampton beaches. It was exactly what I was looking for and made my one day adventure from Brooklyn worthwhile.

    I so enjoyed your blog and really love your jewelry designs. I’ve taken a few jewelry classes at FIT in NYC and just signed up for a class at 92nd Y with Honey Jeanne, who I met for the first time last night. I mentioned that I read your blog to the beaches and your jewelry a couple of weeks ago and she was so excited by the mention of you. Seeing your designs inspired me to check out the classes offered at 92Y and I’m excited about studying there. Seems I have caught some sort of metalsmithing bug. 😉

    So, this is a belated thank you for sharing your art, life and knowledge and being an inspiration.

    Best regards, Claudia Crouse

  6. thanks Claudia. You are the best.

  7. Congratulations, a Napoleonesque undertaking for stone lovers and beachcombers.

  8. Thanks bro…I can not quite imagine general Napoleon on our beaches! 🙂

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  10. Very informative and well written. I have recommended to others as I would usually tell them to make a left at the big tree that looks like a moose and a right at the Rock that looks like a bear. Beautiful jewelry by the way as well

  11. Great article on the beaches. I grew up in Sah Harbor…spent many a weekend day on Napeague and Sagg Main

  12. Nice site! I love Sag Harbor and all the beaches in the hamptons!

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