My 9 Favorite Necklaces


1 Flat stone pendent_3094I am fascinated by common stones. This flat one comes from our beach and was sliced & polished. It is set in a very thin silver bezel and it hangs on a very delicate chain.


3 Maria's stone pendent_0917Here is another beachstone, this one with glittering flakes of mica.  It is set on a silver plate and framed by silver nuggets.  Gifted to Maria.


2 gold love actually_3311This is a heart pendant in solid 14 K gold on a gold link chain.  It was designed after the necklace featured in “Love Actually” a very funny British movie.  This one has a garnet, but rubies work well too.  The gold finish is sand blasted.  This makes the gold look matte and thus the bling of the stone pops out!


4 Monicas aquamarine_4356A beautiful aquamarine (emerald cut).  These gems are expensive, clear and transparent, and blue.  It is one of my favorite stones.  The setting is a simple frame in brushed 14 K gold and the chain runs right through it. Gifted to my little sister.


5 heartlinks_1046Fine silver hammered links, some in heart shapes.  This is a 60 inch chain that can be wrapped up to 3 times around the neck.  Fine silver can be fused (as opposed to Sterling which must be soldered) – its a nicer look and it does not tarnish!


6 diamond necklace_0421Tiny diamonds in the rough each drilled like a bead.  They are attached to an 18K gold chain with tiny little gold rods.  A labor of love to produce this delicate piece.


7 horseshoe_4690 copyHorseshoe pendant in gold and silver with 6 champagne diamonds. The piece is about 1.5 inches tall and hollowed in back, but still quite heavy (like a real iron horseshoe).  I like horses. Along time ago I dreamed of being a vet!


8 Paw pendent_for newsletter copySilver dog paw with brown diamonds.  Reminds me of my dog Kenda!


9 turquoise pendant_1357Every now and then I get a chunk of gem stone like this turquoise from the Cusco (Peru) market where they sell you a mined rock for a dollar!  I cut a slab and mounted it in a silver bezel and added a black leather neck band.  Belonged to my friend Kate who loved turquoise.

4 responses to “My 9 Favorite Necklaces

  1. Is the#3 necklace the gold heart still available and how much is it?

    • Yes it is. It comes in gold plated (thin coat of 22K yellow gold over a silver base) or as solid 14K yellow gold, as depicted here. It also comes with either a ruby or a garnet, the latter is depicted here. The ruby is slightly more pinkish in color, more authentic, and I have a few in stock. For more info on prices ($US 200-500 range) and for what is currently in stock, check our ETSY store.

  2. Victoria Howard

    Love Actually is my favorite movie of all time. How can I possibly order this necklace? I truly love it and cannot stop thinking about it.

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